8: Generation Gap and the Future of Education

Education first aims at young generation but as life expectancy is increasing, its role is expanded and has to cover wider range of age groups. Generation gap occurs when the level of demanding freedom for each individual between generations is intrinsically different. And the main factors of this gap are caused by geopolitical dynamics which determine critical events in human history such as war, famine and occupation. Mankind should endeavor together in order to eliminate things like war and occupation in human history. No human being deserves to be put in the inhumanity situation and to grind for one’s survival. Prevention is the best way that humanity keeps alive. The experience of war and the intense poverty ruins human mind. And it neutralizes the human sense of spontaneity and once people lose or abandon this decisive potency, it is almost impossible to recover hence helplessness and the feeling of insignificance are following and dominate one’s life. Spontaneity is vital for human learning ability. New knowledge that is not translated into one’s own language is meaningless. The one who is not able to learn spontaneously cannot perform as an individual with free will but only can function as an insignificant cog in the system by conforming prevalent trends. Thus, raising spontaneity should be more stressed for all range of generations in the context of the future education, because the foundation of human creativity is spontaneous thinking and activity. Creativity is in human nature. The human being is originally creative in one’s own way. Thus, when a man is deprived of his freedom, a man inevitably becomes passive hence eventually loses his spontaneity and creativity. Learning shouldn’t be stopped and should aim at fostering fundamentality of the human being. Creativity rooted in humanity enables people to communicate with each other and in the end, reconcile with each other.

7: Locality and Creativity: Building a New Educational Circulatory System

The human being is a social animal. One’s individuality only can be recognized in human society, by the people who accept one’s individuality as it is and benefit from one’s presence. And it allows a man to attain a sense of belonging. Thus, powerlessness and nothingness are caused by the absence of the sense of belonging to a certain group or boundary. And it is critical in forming one’s brain structure in the course of growing to an independent individual which is determined by the degree of ability to conduct spontaneous activities. Thus, the direction of human progress inevitably advances towards obtaining more freedom for each individual. Each one’s growing demand towards being a free individual becomes one of intrinsic factors in accelerating centralization. Metropolis symbolizes this inevitable trend towards freedom. Diversity in metropolis consistently creates new social layers which shape the rich ground for educating people. The substantial role of metropolis in the context of human society can be found in educating people, especially in the unprecedented time of transition into the uncertain future with education issue for the immense number of surplus population which would be liberated from labor. The direction of the future would be determined by how mankind deals with this education issue in the radically innovated way.
Mankind has achieved an unprecedented level of progress by centralization from the zero ground to the last phase of being liberated from labor. Centralization can be defined as the way to concentrate human energy on maximizing its capabilities towards building a better future which ensures genuine freedom. On that point, centralization is the way of building it up towards a better future, not the way of sustaining a new type of future when its goal is finally achieved in reality. Thus, the basic principle of establishing the new type of education system is to create a new circulatory system in restoring the balance over the nation.
Enhancing the educational capabilities of local schools should be the first step of this process. The aim of this first action is to be the capable platform to raise self-awareness and to support each one’s natural growth as a free individual. The inherent flow of the locals which can be called locality would be revitalized in the course of regaining its educational abilities for its young generations. In detail, locality is the best source which promotes human creativity. And creativity is what only can be thriving on the solid ground built by determined ones with self-awareness. Being creative is meant to do something in one’s own way which is inevitably always unprecedented. Thus, without self-confidence, one’s some creative activity cannot be carried out for one’s interest. Therefore, the educational abilities which should be regained for the next generation can be obtained by establishing the systematic way of raising self-awareness. And the essential answer for the future of education is in the human body.
Self-recognition is the human being’s distinctive ability and this is the first phase of being aware of one’s individuality. And the identity as the human being is attained by becoming an individual which constantly creates individual desires towards freedom. Thus, the educational approach aiming at enhancing self-awareness in the systematic way should focus on obtaining profound understanding of the human body where one’s individuality is obtained.
The inherent individual desire is where human creativity originates in. And imperative desires are created for one’s survival. Thus, where one’s body is born and grows up is critical in shaping one’s intrinsic nature. In that sense, locality is cohesively connected to one’s individuality and performs along with one’s body as another unconditionally given foundation for one’s creativity. The level of being aware of oneself directly reflects one’s sense of belonging to one’s origin. Therefore, if the local education entity can promote acceptance of each distinct personality as it is, the new momentum of restoring a locality would be created spontaneously.
The presence of young generation is vital for recovering locality. But under the overwhelmingly dominant trend of centralization, the loss of young generation in locals is already common. The young generation’s demand toward becoming free individuals is much stronger than what old generations have. And thanks to the advancement of technology, the whole world is standardized more and more. In this trend running over the globe, the local cannot avoid to be nothing but one’s birth place if the local cannot recover its innate uniqueness and capability.
Every locality deserves to be restored as every part of the human body does. Human society can be understood as an extension of the human body like any other man-made creature which is operated by the human being. Anything that is operated by the human being moves as the human body does, which means that fundamentally, the operational principle of the human body is applied to everything that the human being is involved in.
The human body is what only can be sustained by constant physical movements in interaction with nature. And breathing is vital among other life activities because energy flow only can start from breathing movements. The energy generated by breathing movements flows throughout a whole body and makes a body move as one life. And physically, breathing is a full body exercise, which means the energy obtained by breathing only can flow in the most natural and efficient way when all body parts move in harmony.
The principle is simple in restoring the inherent flow over the nation and the globe. Everything is connected, every cell matters for one life. The critical moment has already arrived here to us. This is the last chance for attaining genuine freedom for all of us. And the starting point is in us, the human body.

Final Presentations in Seoul & Jeongeup / Korea in June 2017

Free Flow Project : Final Presentations

1] Seoul Dance Center on 18th June Sunday 18:00

2] Jeongeup Si-am Art Community Center on 17th June Saturday 18:00


Presentation about Free Flow Project

at Project Space Yong-Moon’s Symposium on Urban Restoration

on 19th June at 21:00

supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture & the Watermelon

info: seoul.nightmayor@gmail.com

The Presentation on June 7th 2017 in the Resarch Institute of Won Buddhist Thought in Korea

The Subject of the Presentation on June 7th 2017

In the Colloquium of the Research Institute of Won Buddhist Thought

In Won-Gwang University in Korea

Restoring the Inherent Creativity Rooted in the Human Body &

The New Role of Art Education in Public Sphere

By Wooguru 

  1. What is the Human Body?
  2. How Creativity defines the Human Being
  3. Individuality and the body
  4. The demise of Labor and the Future of Art
  5. The New Art Education towards Freedom and Spontaneity


원불교 사상연구원 Colloquium: 근대 문화 수용 과정에서 나타난 한국 종교의 공공성 재 구축

2017년 6월 7일 | 발제자 Wooguru

: 인체의 고유한 흐름 복원을 통한 창의력 고양과 예술 교육의 공공성 재고

  1. 인체는 어떻게 정의되는가?
  2. 창의력은 어떻게 인간의 존재를 규정하는가?
  3. 노동의 종말과 예술의 미래
  4. 개인성과 몸
  5. 자유와 자율성을 향한 새로운 예술 교육

6. The behind story of the project in Bergen


This is an old house with beautiful history of early days of Bergen’s modern art scene. But it’s been losing its priceless values by people with a false sense of freedom. However, the genuine change has started with the Free Flow project since September 2016. Revitalizing this house itself is critical part of the new education project in Bergen. This house is like a human body which is full of creativity, energy and beautifulness. And most of us have never imagined what they can create with their bodies due to the predominant tendency that divides body and mind. The house is in the course of transformation into the new platform where fosters the genuine creativity towards future.