Contact/ Resume


director of the FREE FLOW PROJECT

Choreographer/ Educator in Free Flow: physicality toward musicality   Thulestr.67 13189 Berlin Germany  004917687763746

Wooguru is a choreographer/ educator researching on the human body which is the essential foundation towards attaining spontaneity, Creativity, and freedom. He’s started dancing on the street and developed his original style named as FREE FLOW, which has been recognized by various organizations such as Movement Research in NYC, TANZTAGE Berlin, and Seoul Dance Center. And it turns into the new educational project rooted in the new awareness of the human body, which has conducted in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Korea.


2017 Presentation: Restoring the inherent flow of the human body and the new role of art education in the public sphere at the Research Institute of Won Buddhist thought

2017 Free Flow Project: Stolpe/ Germany

2017 Free Flow Project: Zagare/ Lithuania

2017 Free Flow Project: Gandhi School in Gumsan/ Korea

2017 Free Flow Research Residency in Gwangju/ Korea

2017 Free Flow: Urban Restoration Project in Jeongeup/ Korea

2017 Free Flow Project: Seoul Dance Center in Seoul/ Korea

2017 Free Flow: The New Awareness of The Human Body in Bergen/ Norway

2017 Guest lecture in Daejeon Culture Foundation

2016 Free Flow: The New Awareness of The Human Body in Bergen/ Norway

2016 Free Flow: Community Art Project in Zagare/ Lithuania

2016 Free Flow Artist Residency

supported by Latvian Culture Foundation& Totaldobze in Grobina/ Latvia

2016 Free Flow supported by TREenit in Tampere/Finland

2016 Free Flow supported by Seoul Dance Center in Seoul/ Korea

2016 Free Flow: self-recovery workshop supported by NON Berlin in Berlin/ Germany

2016 Free Flow supported by Wudangtao Studio in Kaunas/ Lithuania

2016 Free Flow supported by Latvian Culture Academy in Riga/ Latvia

: Free Flow: dance performance

2014 TanzTage Berlin                                      

2015 Moving Poets Festival in Charlotte/ USA

2015 Urban Poetry Festival in Riga/Latvia

2014 Resonanz_Körper Fest. in Frankfurt(Main)

2015 Zagare Fringe Festival in Lithuania (duet)

2015 Seoul Art Space Mullae (duet)

2016 Free Flow at Kultūras centrs Kaņepes in Riga/ Latvia

2016 Spira(l) festival in Kaunas/ Lithuania

2016 Free Flow in Hardbakka ruins project in Bergen/ Norway

2016 Gothenburg fringe festival in Göteburg/ Sweden (duet)

:Artist Residency

2016 Seoul Dance Center AIR in Seoul/ Korea

2016 Hardbakka ruins project in Bergen/ Norway

2014 Contemporary Art Center Haywood in Troy/ USA

2014 Atalaia residency in Portugal

2013 Verdecoprente in Terni, Italy

2013 HomeBase Build in Berlin

2012 Movement Research in NYC selected                                                                                          -but I couldn’t join it due to personal circumstances.               

2011 MAP_ artistic incubating system by Seoul Foundation Art and Culture

_Grounded: duet with Nelly Hakkarainen/ by Wooguru/ choreography, performing

2014 10 times 6 in Berlin

2014 100Grad Berlin

2014 Grey Cube Festival in Helsinki

_The Free Dance: solo works by Wooguru/ choreography, performing

2014 Lake Studio Berlin

2014 Nomad Gallery Berlin

2014 Del Rex in Berlin with Seamus O’ Donnell

2014 Experimental Monday with Seamus O’ Donnell in Madam Claude in Berlin

2013 Platoon Berlin for ‘salon revolutionär’

2013 Verdecoprente Festival in Terni/ Italy, following A.I.R

2013 Das unmögliche Haus Festival in Berlin

2013 Molt! International Exhibition in Berlin

2013 Invisible Drawing with Christina Cheung

2013 Border Cities & New Identities in Suceava, Romania

2012 Medea Electronique in Athens

2012 Bonninale Festival in Loop hole Berlin

2012 Experimental Monday in Madam Claude in Berlin

2012 Mullae Art Festival in Seoul/ Korea

2012 Lowrise in Seoul/ Korea   2011 Jung Da Bang in Seoul/ Korea

2011 Geek in Seoul/ Korea

2010 Dokkebi Award_ final list in Chuncheon/ Korea   2008 Gallery HUT in Seoul/ Korea



2016 Choreolab Europe in Amsterdam/ Netherland

2015 IMPACT 15 by PACT Zollverein in Essen/ Germany

2014 Choreography Coding Lab by NODE forum & Motion Bank in Berlin/ Germany


_Articles in newspaper and art magazines

2015 Charlotte observer

2014 TanzRaumBerlin–435-1.html?id=503

2014 TanzForumBerlin

2013 Peripheral ARTeries

2012 Stigmart

_Education and others

2007-2010 worked as a freelance designer Collaboration with ADIDAS, Fubu, Skono and so on

2008 BA Hanyang Univ. textile and clothing

2007 began to dance on the street

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