The Educational Project


: FREE FLOW PROJECT researches on restoring the inherent flow of the human body to build a new educational foundation for overcoming the geopolitical restraints in buffer states that symbolize the impediment to progress toward a sustainable future. The intricate geopolitical situation in buffer zones systematically undermines the sovereignty of the people, and the essential basis of humanity toward attaining spontaneity, creativity, and freedom. This place of disconnection should revitalize itself to connect the divided world. And the importance of regaining educational capabilities for fostering spontaneity emerges on this point to renovate fundamentally the ruling system which necessarily causes the political and economic polarization in the world. Spontaneity is the primary principle of sustaining life in connecting all body parts as one organic entity and thus is the decisive virtue of nurturing humanity. Thereby, the human body is the critical point for promoting spontaneity in recovering humanity and the division of the world. To conclude, The process of building a sustainability-oriented system should start from reviving the fundamentality of humankind.

: The limitation of the capitalist system manifests itself in buffer states, which play an imposed role in preventing military conflicts between greater powers in the geopolitical order established following world war 2. Intrinsically, capitalism is sustained by the continuous production of products with limited natural resources, and thus induces infinite competition for survival. In that sense, political and military tension is drastically rising again in the Baltic states and the Korean peninsula as Russia and China regain power over the western powers. Thereby, extrinsic political factors are decisive to shape social structures in buffer states and hence, the sovereignty of the nation cannot avoid being eroded.   

: FREE FLOW PROJECT has researched on human movements through the holistic approach in broadening the role of art education in the public sphere in the Baltic states, Korea, Germany, Norway, and Finland since 2015.

: Project Plan 2018: Locality and Creativity- building a new educational circulatory system

In principle, the process of forming a new educational base should be conducted in the context of restoring the balance between centralized areas and peripheral areas to stimulate the entire society. Centralization is the predominant method of maximizing work efficiency, which simplifies the decision-making process by standardizing human abilities to build a system able to provide safety and comfort. Thus, the centralized system necessarily educates its people to inhibits their individual desires for the freedom of every individual to achieve its ultimate purpose. In that sense, centralization is efficient and robust; however, once the building process is complete, it is not an appropriate method to maintain the system due to the intrinsic defect in itself that necessarily erodes the balance of nature and human beings. In fact, the excessive concentration of human activities in central areas is the primary factor that aggravates unbalanced situations by inducing endless vicious circles, which eventually dictate the way human beings move. Because, the role of education is critical to developing one’s individuality, and one’s way of moving is inextricable from one’s way of thinking. The eventual aim of education is to support one to become a free individual by social interactions based on mutual respect and understanding. On that point, the current system is no longer capable of dealing with the education issue for the surplus population due to a lack of experienced human resources. Thus, the era of centralization is nearing its end. To sustain human civilization, the regions named as peripheral areas should take more control to recover their damaged capabilities to educate young generations.

: FREE FLOW PROJECT aims to continue its research on the human body in the context of boosting locality connected to creativity. Locality is the fertile soil to develop a fundamental sense of belonging to nature in which the human body, by itself fosters spontaneity and creativity.

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