The New Education Project


: The New Creative Platform Connecting Through the Baltic States and Korea

  • Artist Exchange Program in Zagare/ Lithuania
  • Students Exchange Program in Damyang/ Korea


: FREE FLOW is the new type of education project that aims to transform buffer zones into the place where a new inspiring flow wells out. The intricate geopolitical situation in buffer zones constantly undermines the essential foundation of humanity toward attaining spontaneity, creativity, and freedom.  This place of disconnection symbolizes the past that the human race should overcome. The human body is where everything has begun, and hence the future starts from revitalizing the inherent flow connecting through body and mind.


: The imperativeness of restarting from the fundamentals in the new era of openness

1)How geopolitics in buffer zones systematically restrains freedom of movement

2)World citizen; the eventual stage of the human race toward spontaneity and freedom  

1: The description of the Free Flow Project

  1. The education project fostering awareness of spontaneity and freedom toward building a biocentric future by restoring an inherent flow connecting through body and mind
  2. Core values
  • Body: an organic entity unified with its mind and an origin of its own needs for survival
  • Spontaneity: the principle that keeps living beings alive
  • Individuality: the inherent traits that constantly creates one’s own needs
  • Freedom: one’s untiring will to meet one’s own needs
  • Happiness: the satisfaction that is earned by spontaneous choices
  • Human Being: a living being with constant needs towards freedom
  • Creativity: the human trait to pursue freedom as an independent individual

     3. Restoring the inherent flow of the human body connected to one another     

  • Transforming buffer zones into the place where the inspiring flow wells out

           : Connecting through Korea and Baltic states

  • Decentralization as the operational principle

           : Revitalizing local art communities in promoting social spontaneity

2: The Curriculum

  1. Physicality toward Creativity: restoring the inherent flow of each individual’s body linked to the creativity rooted in oneself
  2. The Free Creation sessions: creating a solo work reflecting one’s individuality for overcoming the fear of being one’s self
  3. Studying about Donghak, the autochthonous philosophy of Korea founded in 1860: a biocentric philosophy with an emphasis on the harmonization of the human being with nature

3: The student and artist exchange program between Korea and Baltic states

: Subsequent stages of education sessions conducted in Korea, Latvia, and Lithuania since 2016

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