Creation Process

(Radical Body Movement Training)         The body is originally unified with its mind as one life so its physical capability can be maximized by existing as it is. And breathing takes a crucial role in connecting body and mind and plus nature, because the body is that only can be sustained by constant physical movements in interaction with nature. Simply, when we breathe in, the body is taking the energy from the air and getting stretched and tensed. In contrast, when we breathe out, the body is pushing the energy out of the body and getting bent and relaxed. And this simple up-and-down motion creates the natural rhythm and makes a body move until the end of its life. Accordingly, the body moves as it breathes and the body breathes as it feels and thinks thus the body can control itself if it can control its breathing. This is the universal principle to understand about the human body and human existence. But every human body is different and each individual’s body has its own rhythm and flow. So when a man accepts his body as it is, a man can catch his innate rhythm and flow then can move as he is, in the most natural and beautiful way.

#details of the training

-Breathing movements/ understanding about a basic operational principle of the body

-Body relaxation

/ understanding about opening a body and releasing the energy

/ understanding about the basic principle of self-recovery

-Breathing and Movement/ understanding about what an innate rhythm and flow

-Landing and Jumping

/ understanding about up-and-down motion derived from breathing movements

-Foot activation

/ understanding about the base of support and upright standing

/ standing on balls and toes, not on heel in order to keep momentum and energy

/ examining the foot movement determining the upstream movement

-Walking/ understanding about walking as a full body movement

/ understanding about the direction of force & using one’s own body weight and following

-Bouncing / understanding about the body compromised up to 70% of water

/ feeling the inner flow of body fluid & moving with the energy flow

/ moving in rhythm & creating rhythms by walking

-Running/ understanding about full body coordination

/ body relaxation and explosiveness

/ understanding about foot strike and heel strike

-Animal locomotion

/ understanding about spinal movement and body connection

/ enhancing full body coordination and full body control

/ recovering the inborn strength

-Creating short dance phrases with simple motifs

1) Repetition one simple motion

/ activating the flow of body & exploring the possibilities of body

2) Creating a rhythm phrase by using the whole body

/ keeping the energy and the concentration level

(Free Movement Training Session with Musical Instruments)         The body is where music comes out of. Overall, music consists of rhythm and melody and more accurately, rhythm can be defined as a tempo of breathing what directly represents a state of mind and body, and melody is a certain selection of sound what is determined by the quality of the physical movement. Music is fundamentally all about the sound derived from the body movement. In that sense, every individual’s body has its inherent musicality as everyone has a different body. But due to a disconnection between body and mind, most of bodies lose their innate musicality and creativity. Therefore, by restoring an inborn flow running through body and mind, the music rooted in each individual’s body spontaneously can be created.

#details of the session

-Breathing and Movement/ understanding about the innate rhythm and flow

-Listening to sound

/ understanding about tones as components of nature, all tones in harmony

-Movement and Sound/ making the quality sound & interacting with sound

-Creating short phrases with simple motifs

1) Single tone/ exploring of the depth of sound & rhythm

2) Two tones and more/ creating codes

3) One and One Jam/ breathing together, moving together

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