Cognitive Dissonance and its Adverse Effect on the Human Body

Honesty is a given virtue, which means that some people more likely would deceive themselves with less hesitation and guilt at a moment of choice, than others. Self-deception can be beneficial to survive in specific circumstances, but eventually, trigger cognitive dissonance, which impairs the inborn bond of body and mind.

The body of every life form is an organic entity unified with its mind, and especially, this fact should be considered as the primary premise to perceive the human body, which has evolved to meet its fundamental needs. From the technical point of view, the body functions at its best when it wholly focuses on a particular purpose for its survival. The body regulates itself autonomously in order to maintain its life, and hence autonomy can be regarded as the fundamental principle that sustains life. Intrinsically, the human body supports itself by the law of nature and therefore can move most naturally and beautifully when it maintains itself as it is. However, in order to move in a natural way, the modern human being needs to be trained by a personalized method designed by movement experts on a regular basis, which means that the human body is in the state of being merely sustained, is not moving spontaneously for itself. This abnormal phenomenon manifests itself only in the human body. The basic needs of the human race differ from what other living beings possess because all basic human needs are driven by the constant desire toward being a free individual. Individuality is the critical notion of perceiving the human body as one organic entity unified with its mind. Thereby, one should be aware of one’s individuality as the inherent trait that continually generates its own needs toward freedom. Hence, when the human being becomes an independent individual, the human body eventually attains its innate way to move as it is.

The inborn bond of body and mind is vulnerable until one is aware of one’s individuality. However, technically, individuality is an intrinsic foundation of one’s being, which is not a special virtue to be obtained. Therefore, to become an independent individual, one’s individuality should be protected and maintained as it is through the process of brain development. The growth process of the human brain is complete between the age of 22 and 26, and its fundamental aim is enhancing supportive capabilities for one’s individuality. However, the human mind is quite susceptible to social surroundings, and thereby easily distracted by itself. Simultaneously, this susceptibility can function as an optimal factor to broaden one’s understanding of humanity in a comprehensive way as long as one maintains one’s inherent spontaneity. Also, spontaneity is the principle of nature that sustains life, and hence can be maintained by fostering awareness of one’s body. Thus, the highest priority should be given to improving one’s concentration on one’s body itself.

  • Her breath is very short and shallow due to a lack of strength. Breathing is a full body exercise, and hence she can improve her overall health by breathing training.
  • Abdominal Breathing Technique
    • Lying on your back – Breathe through nose -Inflate a belly -Empty a belly  
    • All body parts but your core can relax, especially shoulder and neck
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique
  • Lying on your back – Breathe through mouth – scoop your core – inflate a back – stretch a body and hold your breath – tense – release



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