How Breathing Maintains the Balance of the Body

She is very athletic. Her body is a solid foundation to support her sharp and energetic movements. Any flaw is not coming out when she moves fast, and her acceleration technique is notable, which shortens reaction time from the ready state to full explosion in an aesthetic way. However, when she loses her speed and momentum, her body as a principal agent of her dance is no longer able to represent herself. There is a repetitive pattern that consists of 2-minutes-intense phase and 1-minute-recharging phase, which is induced by the unbalanced breathing pattern. The predominant tendency that depends on deep inhalation is too high in her dance movement, whereas exhalation is short and shallow, and hence the balance of inhalation and exhalation is not sustainable to continue her dance lasting more than 3 minutes. The point is that her body merely maintains itself after the dynamic phrase; she is unable to focus on herself due to a lack of strength thereby the authentic flow is disconnected during recharging.

The body is in the permanent balance of inputs and outputs; therefore, it should empty itself as much as it takes from interacting with nature to move continually. The high capacity of hers for breathing can maximize its potential by enhancing exhalation as a critical factor to stabilize energy supply. The human body is an organic entity, which sustains itself by constant movement in interacting with nature such as breathing, which is decisive to enable all types of physical activity. The body generates energy during inhalation and becomes stretched upward against gravity and tensed to conserve energy. By contrast, the body releases energy from itself and becomes bent forward and relaxed. Breathing generates up-and-down motions in which the natural flow of the body movement originates. The human body spontaneously maintains its balance to maximize its capabilities by continually moving with the organic flow derived from breathing movements.

The body can retain the momentum of the intense movement for the subsequent one by allowing itself to follow gravity during exhalation. The human body is permanently under the unavoidable influence of the gravitational force, and hence the human being can experience the energy pulling downward by running and jumping. Furthermore, the body only can be blended with gravity in the state of being relaxed, not generating energy. The interaction with nature keeps the human body move as it is, and gravity is the primary force that determines the way the human being moves on the earth. The body can resist against gravity only during inhalation, but cannot liberate itself from gravity. However, paradoxically, the body can obtain more freedom of movement by allowing itself to interact with gravity as the unconditionally given force.

1: Moving slowly with the breathing flow to restore the pathway of energy diffusion  

-Persons with innate strength tend to skip basic training for developing connective muscles. This tendency links to the unbalanced muscle development which merely can maintain the body when moving slowly, furthermore, which possibly causes injuries when the body is unable to generate its usual speed and power.

2: Allowing the body to follow its weight during exhalation

– The combination of rapid exhalation and more rapid inhalation can drastically increase reaction speed and explosiveness.

– Full relaxation only takes place when one’s mind is open. One’s body reflects one’s mind as it is.

– Rolling, landing, and hanging are useful to revitalize the primary sense of the body.


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