: Enhancing Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques and Organic Foot Movement to attain explosiveness

The essence of all types of body movement lies in breathing movements. The human body functions at its best when moving with its inherent flow derived from breathing movements. Breathing movements induce the continual up-and-down motions, which generate unconditional energy. In general, while moving in upright standing position, the diaphragmatic breathing supports the body naturally and promote energy circulation. During inhalation, the body takes energy from the air and becomes stretched upward against gravity to conserve energy. By contrast, the body releases energy from itself and becomes bent forward and relaxed to open itself. The organic flow of body movement originates in this up-and-down motions. Speed, strength, and endurance; these are the decisive factors, which determine the quality of movement, and the differences intrinsically come out how to breathe. To maximize the potential of breathing, one should be patient to sense the internal flow of energy. The human body sustains itself by balancing of inputs and outputs, which means that the body takes energy as much as the body releases out. For instance, to jump upward, the body releases energy to bounce back from the ground, and there is a momentary conversion, which takes less than 0.5 seconds. The body can obtain explosiveness only when one can stand a quick moment to interact together with nature.

Foot movement is another crucial point to enhance the physical capabilities. Foot plays a role as the base of support, which enables the body move in the upright standing position, and all types of upstream movements are determined how feet interact with the breathing flow on the contact surface. The foot is an essential sensory receptor that contains 26 bones and 33 joints, which means that the foot is supposed to be more flexible than the average flexibility of the modern humans. Recovering the primary sense and flexibility of feet can boost overall physicality and the innate creativity rooted in the body; because one’s free movement is the origin of creativity. The human being can better focus on attaining the total freedom to create after the basic needs for survival are satisfied. Thereby, the body with the high level of overall physicality is the fertile ground for fostering creativity. In the active state, every sector of the body eventually can engage in the act of creation, and hence the inherent creativity naturally manifests itself in the body.


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