Foot Movements Regulated by Breathing Movements

Her strength lies in her foot movements. In an upright standing position, feet function as the base of support, which plays a crucial role in shifting body weight in every direction by interacting with gravity and the contact surface. Walking is the primary movement, and every single cell in one’s body is affected by every single step one takes. Everything in the body is cohesively connected with each other and always performs in unison as one organic entity. Thereby, all types of upstream movements are determined by how the base of support performs in conjunction with breathing movements. Accordingly, one can improve the performance quality by vitalizing the link between feet and breathing flow.  

  1. Try to figure out your neutral position of feet, which makes all toes stay on the floor
  2. Keep leaning forward slightly while walking
  3. Push forward and Roll your foot slightly inward   

In that sense, she already has a great foundation for all types of human activities, which only can be realized through body movement. However, her growth is impeded by herself. In general, when one does not trust oneself, one cannot relax, and hence one’s shoulders, neck, and chest are necessarily tensed; and this unnatural tension disconnects the organic flow of the body and eventually distracts one’s concentration. This physical symptom is prevalent among the people in the contemporary world regardless of age, race, and nationality; therefore, it implies that this is the issue related to the unavoidable influence induced by the system, which dictates the way human beings move.  

To relax a stiff body, one should regain one’s self-esteem instead of blaming oneself. The momentum of the change toward obtaining freedom and humanity is made by individuals with self-esteem; and, it takes shape when independent individuals unite together. The high level of understanding of one’s body boosts one’s self-awareness. Hence, being aware of oneself is more important than meeting other people’s demands. Body and mind are interdependent. Thus, the state of being distracted disconnects the organic flow throughout the body, and above all limits the range of mobility; e.g. arms cannot move inward to the chest in a natural way due to the chronic tension on the chest, shoulder, and neck. From the technical viewpoint, the chronic tension can be relieved by following one’s breath based on an appropriate understanding of breathing mechanism. One respiration consists of one inhalation and one exhalation, and breathing is the constant movement to generate energy, which autonomously sustains the human body until the end of its life. During inhalation, the body takes energy from the air and becomes stretched upward against gravity and thus tensed to conserve energy. By contrast, during exhalation, the body releases energy from itself and becomes relaxed and slightly bent forward to open itself. In doing so, the body spontaneously regulates itself to achieve physical stability by balancing outputs and inputs, and breathing movements naturally generate the continual up-and-down motions, which initiate all types of body movement. Thus, the human body functions at its best with the organic flow derived from breathing movements.

  1. Restore the innate capacity of the lungs by deep breathing (diaphragmatic breathing)
  • Take a deep inhalation/exhalation can be prolonged as long as inhalation is extended
  • Breathe through mouth, mostly / inflate your back during inhalation
  1. Relax a full body ( abdominal breathing)
  • Breath through nose / inflate your belly during inhalation

The human body is designed to be sustained by interactions with nature. Thereby, one must embrace one’s body as a part of nature without fear and distrust, and let it flow as it is. One’s inherent creativity naturally manifests itself in one’s body when one trusts oneself.    



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