: Social Interactions as the Critical Factor Forming the Human Body

They seemed like average middle-aged women in the middle class, who were well educated, intelligent, married to guys from the same class. However, their bodies were, in fact, entirely out of balance. From the technical viewpoint, their bodies merely sustain themselves as like as their minds confused, and this symptom takes place when the body loses its spontaneity; thereby, they should contemplate why their bodies are not able to conserve energy to revive their lives.

They said that they were terrified of the harsh reality in 80’s in Korea, and marriage was the only way to protect themselves from the outside world. Their choices were not to think about injustice happening out of the house, not to be engaged in any movements demanding justice. From this point, their bodies have started to collapse down fundamentally; because their bodies were no longer able to represent their minds as they are to survive, and hence their choices were the catalyst that segregated the body from the mind and thereby induced cognitive dissonance.

The restoration process of the natural flow of their bodies should start from the understanding of the modern history of the Korean peninsula. The Republic of Korea, a.k.a. South Korea was established in 1948 under the supervision of the U.S military government. The table below lists the critical events in the modern times in Korea.

The repressive dominance by military authority is the keyword to understand the modern history of the Korean peninsula. Under the oppressive situation, the human being should choose to surrender or to resist for survival, and both choices fundamentally restrain freedom of movement in different ways.

The human body loses its spontaneity by accepting the extrinsic factor, which controls its physical activities. Freedom is the notion rooted in spontaneous movements of the independent body, and spontaneity is the basis of creativity, which defines the way the human being is. The forced passiveness erodes the foundation of humanity toward attaining freedom of every individual. Thus, in general, people living in the authoritarian system become uniformized conformists, who are incapable of dealing with spontaneous activities based on individual choice; hence, this prevalent trend eventually induces powerlessness and the feeling of insignificance.

To choose to resist against the system of injustice significantly increases the risk to become physically restricted by violent authority. Thus, the body cannot release energy from itself as it is, and the confined energy constantly distracts its concentration and its natural growth, and hence, it is challenging to develop human potential, entirely, in the limited environment. Furthermore, the oppressive system deliberately aims to impede the natural growth process toward an independent individual by regulating freedom of expression to complete the social structures in which every unit of the society inhibits itself by disconnected people with each other whom only serve for survival.

The human being is a social animal, and the human society is the only place in which one can attain one’s identity as a free individual by continual social interactions. Thereby, the social system plays a critical role in forming one’s individuality, and hence one’s actions and choices reflect the society, where one grows up. The necessity of building a society which ensures social interactions based on mutual respect and understanding for every individual emerges on this point to foster humanity.

– Restoring spontaneity has the highest priority to revitalize overall physical condition to the Korean women.

– Hiking or taking a long walk on a regular basis is the optimal option to start; because, currently, the body is not capable of dealing with deep breathing exercises.

– To recover the decent level of overall physicality takes time but is necessary to concentrate on oneself. The body first consumes its metabolic energy to sustain itself. Hence, until the body accumulates enough energy for its requirements, the mind cannot avoid being distracted.  

– Wars occurred to take control over the Korean peninsula

The Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895

The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905

(The Japanese empire started to dominate Korean peninsula exclusively after winning the battles against the Qing empire and the Russian empire from 1905.)
-Japanese occupation 1910- 1945

Japanese annexation of Korea 1910
The division of Korea by the 38th parallel 1945

(The U.S.S.R took over the north part, and the U.S.A controlled the south region below the 38th parallel.)
The establishment of the Republic of Korea 1948

(A.K.A. South Korea)

The establishment of the democratic people’s republic of Korea 1948

(A.K.A North Korea)
The era of the first dictatorship by Lee Seungman 1948- 1960

(ended by the April revolution)
The Korean War 1950- 1953

(The first proxy war between USA and China, approximately over 1 million killed in total)
The era of the military dictatorship by Park jun hui 1961- 1979
The era of the second military dictatorship by Chun doohwan 1979- 1988
The transitional government ruled by military authority 1988- 1993
The establishment of the first democratic government 1993- 1998


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