3.The Bio of Wooguru Kw & Contact Info.

 Wooguru KW is a choreographer, who developed his authentic style, Free Flow, which realizes the radical concept of the dance, in which one’s spontaneous and free movements drive. He began dancing on the street, to move freely, as he was. His style was recognized and supported by a variety of the organizations based in Europe and USA, not in his native country in its early stage; this contradiction in his career provided him the initial impetus for the further development of his works in the socio-political context. So Free Flow evolved into the physical education method and its project, based on the comprehensive grasp of the human body, which promotes the spontaneity rooted in the individual body. The Project has been going on in the Baltics and South Korea, the countries categorized into buffer states that symbolize the division of the world, which stifles the natural development of the individual.

– Supporters of the FREE FLOW Project
INTERFLUGS: Berlin University of the Arts, Seoul Dance Center, Kaunas Artists’ House, Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation, Research Institute of Won Buddhist Thought, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

– Contact Info.


+358 40 827 1970

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