3.The Bio of Wooguru Kw & Contact Info.

 Wooguru Kw is a choreographer and an educator, who developed his authentic style named FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality, which realizes the radical concept of dance, in which one’s spontaneous movements drive oneself toward the freedom of one’s own.
He began dancing on the street to move freely, as he is, and established the basis of his dance by himself. His unique style earned recognition from a variety of the international cultural organizations such as TANZTAGE Berlin, Movement Research in NYC, Moving Poets in Charlotte NC/ USA, IDOCDE symposium at ImPulsTanz, and GTF symposium-German Association for Dance Research. However, he attained the notable invitation from Seoul Dance Center in 2016, which was the first recognition from his native country, South Korea. The contradiction in his career provided him the initial impetus for the further development of his works in the socio-political context.
Since 2016, FREE FLOW has been evolving into the educational project based on the comprehensive grasp of the human body, in which to renovate the social system to inhibit the natural development of spontaneity, individuality, and creativity. The Project has been going on in the Baltics and South Korea; the countries classified as the buffer state, which symbolizes the division of the world.

– Supporters of the FREE FLOW PROJECT –
INTERFLUGS: Berlin University of the Arts, Seoul Dance Center, Kaunas Artists’ House, Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation, Research Institute of Won Buddhist Thought, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

– Contact Info.


+49 176 8776 3746

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