Free Flow: physicality toward musicality

The Free Individual Is Creative As One Is. FREE FLOW is the dance work that materializes the infinitive desire toward freedom as it is by maximizing the intrinsic musicality rooted in the human body, which sustains itself by spontaneous and continuous movements. From the technical viewpoint, breathing generates constantly the rhythmic flow, which initiates all types of body movements, and hence the organic musicality manifests itself in the body, which moves with the inherent flow derived from breathing movements.  

The constant desire toward attaining the freedom of the individual defines the essence of the human being, and freedom is the notion rooted in an independent body, which continually generates the needs of its own for its survival. The requirements derived from the distinguishing features of each human body reflect where they originate, and thereby form the basis of individuality. To sense one’s body as it is is critical to retain one’s individuality, which is the inherent foundation of all types of human activities to satisfy one’s needs for survival. The sense of individuality in human nature is more decisive than any other living beings have. Thereby, one can obtain one’s freedom when one becomes aware of oneself as an absolute individual, and hence the eventual aim of the human being is to become a free individual.  

FREE FLOW has developed into a new type of the educational project based on a comprehensive understanding of the human body, which aims to foster spontaneity and creativity in preparation for the future in which total automation led by advanced artificial intelligence redefines the notion of labor. The human race devised the concept of labor to obtain the freedom of the individual but paradoxically had to inhibit the desire for freedom to complete the system, which ensures total freedom from labor for survival. In fact, the current system of human civilization nearly accomplished its purpose, however, is not capable of dealing with the education issue for an immense number of surplus population, which is continually growing; because its purpose of education is to standardize human abilities for maximizing the efficiency of mass manufacturing systems, not promoting individual capabilities. Thereby, the education system eventually impedes the natural growth process of spontaneity, which is essential for becoming a free individual and hence aggravates the critical crises related to the high rate of unemployment, racism, the surge of refugee, and conflicts between different cultures. The person lacking spontaneity necessarily becomes helpless and thereby misguided to self-destruction when the established system is unable to provide a level of authority and security. Furthermore, the manufacturing systems already produce sufficient enough food for the whole population of the world and are capable of providing safety, comfort, and platforms to communicate. However, the system formed in the capitalist order requires inequality to maintain itself, and thus suspends the future for all human beings due to the intrinsic defect in itself. The paradox of human civilization is the critical issue, which requires the fundamental change for the survival of humankind. The importance of regaining educational capability for fostering spontaneity emerges on this point, and restoring the primary sense of the human body is supposed to be the first step of the process toward building a sustainable future.  

Final Presentation Videos of the FREE FLOW PROJECT